Saturday, 1 July 2017

Patterns for the Citrus Twist dyed yarns

 Yarn Stories  in the Citrus Twist Range
(left) *She ran naked through the citrus orchard
(middle) * Delicious blood oranges in her hands
(right) *And lime juice sprinkling on the earth below
 Patterns for Yarn Stories hand dyed yarn
'Citrus Twist' colourways

Hi  Knitters!   

 I thought I'd start a new feature for my hand dyed yarns by finding you some delightful patterns. This time it's knitting patterns but I'm sure you can come up with some crocheted designs. 

Sock yarn doesn't have to end up as a sock or two 😉 (although I know there are quite a few sock addicts out there or why would there be a hashtag for it? #sockaddict.)  

For those of you who are new 
to dyeing, 'naked' yarn is the natural 
colour BD = before dyeing.Have you seen  what I've done to the naked yarn I purchased? It's no longer 'naked'. 

My Merino sock base is soft, 437yards, 100gms, 85%merino/15%  nylon,  and wonderful to knit with.  Find my yarn on Etsy (click here Lu Douglas Designs, Etsy or on the ETSY icon right)  

 Go to this blog post to read about Citrus Twist dyed yarn by Lu and  how I started my Yarn Stories. I'm having lots of fun creating these ranges and I'm pleased to say that other yarn lovers are liking them too! 

A new feature of my dyed yarns is finding you some wonderful and easy patterns for you to make in the yarn. 

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous designs… (click on the links) 

Simple shawl - Jane Hunter  (free)     (Requirements -1 skein) A garter stitch shawl that would look great in any of the colours of Citrus Twist and an easy project for beginners wanting to learn how to knit shawls.

Shawl -  On the Spice market Shawl  -  5.20 euro
 (link -On the Spice Market Shawl  ) 
(Requirements 2 skeins)  This is  one of my most favourite shawls and would look so fresh  in the Citrus Twist colourways. 

Socks - Socks on a Plane on a Plane (free) 
socks on a plane

 (Requirements -1 skein) I have a soft spot for 
these socks having knitted two and wanting to 
cast on a third.

Shawl -  The Hitchhiker Shawl  3.90 euro    
(Requirements - 1 ½ skeins)This shawl has appeared in many feeds on social media and I still love it!

Yoga Socks (free) -  (Requirements -1 skein and enough left over to make more!)
(My Rose City Roller socks )

Anklet Socks  (free) -  
(Requirements less than 1 skein)   I love this free sock pattern and since these are short anklet socks, you'll have enough left over to make more! 

Baby cardigan - (click here Baby cardigan  £1.50 
 from Woolzone.  (Requirements -100g sock yarn so plenty left over)  The sweetest and most easy all-in-one cardigan. You could make matching booties or a beanie. 

Crochet shawl - free and skill level easy
(Requirements - 1 skein) I have long since loved the Elise shawl by Evan Pavlinski.  

Let me know if you make something from any of the three yarns on offer by using any or all of the hashtags

 #citrustwist #yarnstories #wildaboutyarn  
or email your photos to me at

I'd love to see it. 

Happy  Knitting, 
Lu x

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Citrus Twist - Yarn Stories- hand dyed yarn release

Citrus Twist, the new yarn from  Yarn Stories

I'm feeling zesty here in  Australia.  :-)  We're approaching winter so I need some SPRING in my life and what better than fruity handdyed yarn.  

 Last month I started the YARN STORIES series of hand dyed yarn.  First up was the Circus Series and the colours were vibrant and fun!   I've already seen some of the results from dear Customers. Thank you.  

But the story this month is all about the

Citrus  Twist
(see my Instagram post on @wildaboutyarn to watch a mesmerising video  creating a pattern of of citrusy coloured paint.)

You may not know but Yarn stories have a little more to them than just titles.   Put all the  colourway titles together and  you  might just get a tale. :-) )
 Citrus Twist -  Can you see the oranges, lemons and limes in this yarn? 
Let me introduce the colourways.....  

1. She ran naked through the citrus orchard - is a gorgeous mix of all the fruits

2. Delicious blood oranges in her hands -all the blush of  a true blood orange with its  deep orange, white and FLESHY peach colours

3. And lime juice sprinkling onto the earth below - ahhh, the greens in this need to be seen to be believed and
oh the speckles!!!!!!!
I'm a total speckle convert.  Lovely little sprinkles of colour in yellow, lime green and dark mid green!
 The naked (undyed) yarn responds so wonderfully to dyeing and it's so, so soft and beautiful to wear! 

Yarn facts
Base: 85 merino/15nylon mix,new sock yarn 
         4ply Fingering yarn
         437yards, 100gm of citrusy goodness
         Needle suggestion: 2.5mm - 3mm

Find these yarns in my Etsy shop (Click here Citrus Twist yarns or on the Etsy icon  on the right ) 

The most wonderful news is that postage anywhere now is only $9.50 per skein! This is such a huge saving  - posting yarn overseas has been pohibitive with the same parcel  previously being $21.00!!  

And there's soften the blow of any postage, we're including  a stitch marker (value $8.00)  every month, with EVERY PURCHASE as a thank you for being such a supportive community.  Each skein is hand dyed, cooked and dried to ensure quality.  All the yarns are permanent and washable by hand in warm water with a wool wash.  

I'm off to start some socks but which colourway will I choose?  

Happy Knitting, 
Lu x

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Yarn Stories - The Circus Series Range,hand dyed yarn!

🌟MORE  exciting news! 🌟

Postage  on yarn is now $10.00 overseas NOT $18.00!  (In actual fact, sending yarn from Australia  is $21.00 which is prohibitive so this is a huge bonus  and I couldn't be happier!  

Introducing The Circus from  myYARN STORIES range.  I will be releasing a new yarn every month! 

To purchase this yarn, click on the link  Lu Douglas Designs, Etsy

Yarn Stories, April

At last, it's happened!  The yarn is dried, the Circus tent is up and ready for business!  It’s been so much fun designing the yarn and just as exciting creating the accompanying art to advertise it! Look out on Instagram for some fun videos and photos!

The Story
To me, everything has a story, even if it is tracing the history of the yarn  or learning about the methods of dyeing from ancient times. I enjoy creating work for exhibitions in clay, paper and print and making stories about them, so why not do the same with yarn??

I fell in love with Lotus Yarns (  The New Sock and the Aran Cashmere blends are my choice because they are silky soft and knit and crochet up well. (*** Note that the Aran is 8ply (DK) not 10ply in the lotus Yarn range)

 Since socks are my passion,  THE CIRCUS Series  is fingering weight, hand dyed in Australia and ready to send all over the world!  Yes, postage is ridiculous everywhere  but there's a BONUS:

               You will receive one of my stitchmarkers or zipper pulls for your project bag FREE! (value $8.00)  with every skein of yarn purchased (One per order) for the duration of 2017, and there might just be another little surprise in there as well…J

 The Circus Range has one side dyed with bands of colour while the other is speckled – oh how I have grown to love speckled yarn!!!!!!!!!!  

I hope you find exciting ways to use my limited edition, hand dyed yarn,  The Circus.   Please use the hashtags   #yarnstories  #thecircusseries  and tag me @wildaboutyarn  for any of your posts on Instagram or Facebook.   Socks were  first on my list, what will be on yours – socks for you, socks for a family member, a hand knitted toy, a shawl?? 
 I can’t wait to see! 

Some great free sock patterns are:
Hermoine’s everyday  socks – Erica Leuder   (CUFF DOWN)
Monkey Socks - Cookie A  (CUFF DOWN)
Vanilla Sock -Mary Lucas (TOE UP)

Happy Circus days!

Lu x